"The employees are very precious to our company." is our traditional motto.

No machinery or computers can replace human skills.
We, HUMANS,handle them beneficially(value), and therefore we should always play a leading role.
The employees are all my precious partners, who I have learned a lot from as well.
With this conviction I strive to cultivate the employees and myself, too.

For New Employees For Skill Upgrading For Management
  • Introduction Education
  • On-the-job training
  • Counseling Through The Business Log
  • Fundamental Training
  • Training Workshop(Zen meditation)
  • Outside Training
  • Technology Study Presentation
  • Presentation Of Streamlining
  • Small-Group Research Activities
  • Attending Lectures
  • Outside Training
  • Overseas Training
  • English Conversation by Native Speaker
  • Managerial Training
  • Management Review
  • Objective control report Presentation
  • Management Meeting
  • Outside Training
  • Overseas Training

On-the-job training

ZAZEN:Training Workshop(Zen meditation)