Contribute to the Aerospace Industry harmonizing Humans with Technology.

The Wright brothers made the world's first manned,powered flight on December 17,1903.
The Apollo11 made the world's first manned lunar landing on July 21,1969.
Since then,only 66 years! I'm thrilled at the great wisdom of mankind for the phenomenal development of aerospace.
However, from the viewpoint on a cosmic scale,this progress has just brought us to the starting point to step forward, like cracking "the shell of the earth", to a new world, which is the merely beginning of our long journey ahead.Hoping the eternal chapter of the human race, we want to continuously tackle the infinite and unknown domain of technology.
We, Tamagawa Group, have been involved in the aerospace business over 40 years, and have boldly undertaken difficult tasks. By trial error through those precious experiences, I believe that we have grown this far into what we are today.
Always stimulating our engineer spirit, curiously and the inquisitive mind, keeping in mind that we cannot taste joys of life without taking pains, I'll go on motivating myself with my strong determination to carry future business through.
I also believe that a company should provide every employee with some conditions to enrich their minds and to lead a happy life and that it has a role to give every possible opportunities to the employees so that they find satisfaction in contributing to the society through the work.
In other words, they can get something to live for. I hope that by bringing out quality products with utmost care, we will develop our business to become a great company which we can be proud of and that we, both our company and the employees, will enjoy prosperity. On a small scale, yet we aim high to become an outstanding creative company.

The chairman and the Chief Executive Officer
Takahiko Yoshida