The engineer group leading in the 21st century

We, Tamagawa Engineering, as a technical expert group is cooperating with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd(MHI), a leading company of the Japanese aerospace industry, and is working broadly on the projects: research and development, design, quality control, aviation service etc.

Research & Developm't

Research & Development of Aerospace Materialsp

Aerospace Design

Airframe Design of 787, MRJ, etc. and Design of Engine & Control Component

Engineering Test

Engineering Test of ISS, Japanese Experient Module "KIBO"

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of Aerospace Engine

Aircraft Service

Operating Manual, Field Service of Aircraft & Helicopter

Design & Developm't

Design & Development of Aerospace Test Equipment

Designs by CATIA

Design Room(Oye Plants)

Small-GroupResearch Activities