Apr 1949

Established as YOSHIDA MFG. Company and started manufacturing of spinning & weaving machines.

Jan 1954

Changed company name to TAMAGAWA INDUSTRIES, LTD.

Apr 1965

Approved by MHI(Meiyu), Started manufacturing Hydro-parts & Tooling.

Jan 1969

Approved by MHI(Meiko), Started manufacturing Aircraft-parts.

Jan 1973

Commended as a selected company by the government agency.

Jun 1985

Commended as an excellent supplier by MHI(Meiko).

Jan 1988

Engineering Department became independent and established as TAMAGAWA ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

Sep 1990

Acquisition of 11,595㎡ in Kagiya-cho, Kasugai-city.

Mar 1991

The complete of the new plant in Kagiya-cho, Kasugai-city.

Jun 1992

Commended as an excellent supplier by MHI(Meiyu).

Oct 1997

Extension for large manufacturing.

Nov 1997

Introduced 5-axis large machinery.

Apr 1998

Stated assembling aircraft bodies.

Jul 2002

Commended as an excellent supplier by MHI(Meiyu).

Nov 2005

Acquired the adjoining area, 4,550㎡ and enlarged the parking lot and the factory.

Jan 2008

Acquisition of QMS-JIS Q 9001(ISO 9001) and JIS Q 9100(AS 9100)